Concrete Driveways

If you are looking for a premium quality driveway, you have come to the right place. Precision Concreters deals with different types of concrete treatments and finishes. We will work with you closely to find the best match for your project.
Concrete is a favoured material for driveways and with good reason. For one, it is strong and durable. It also requires no maintenance. These dual features make concrete the natural option for driveways. And, you don’t have to go with the plain dull grey colour. At Precision Concreters, we have a variety of finishes that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising on durability. Some of our concrete driveway designs include; coloured driveways, concrete driveways, stamped driveways and stencil driveways.
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Are you looking for quality concrete contractors in Melbourne? Please give us a call
Are you looking for quality concrete contractors in Melbourne? Please give us a call

House and Garage Concrete Slabs

Before you build a house or garage, you need to put up a solid foundation. Concrete slabs are the most durable solid foundation. At Precision Concreters, we have a great team that will deliver your project on time, budget and to a high quality.
There are basically two main types of a concrete slab, post tension slab and steel reinforced concrete slab. In a post tension slab, there are cables that run through the slab. These cables are tensioned at the outside of the slab edges at the very end to ensure the concrete slab remains in compression. In steel reinforced slabs, the concrete is held together with steel rods.
At Precision Concreters, we can build any type of concrete slab for your house or garage. Give us a call today.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concreting technique where aggregates such as stone, glass, shells and any other material are fused into the concrete mix. When the concrete is laid, our technician removes a small surface layer to expose the aggregate. The result is an aesthetically pleasing finish that’s non-slip and perfect for driveways, paths and other outdoor areas. It can even be used to finish kitchen tops and bathrooms.
If you are looking for a concrete finish that will blow away visitors to your home or office, talk to us today to see what options we have for exposed aggregate.

Concrete Paths

What would we do without concrete paths? It’s one of those things you don’t really give much thought despite their incredible utility. Concrete paths provide a clean surface for traversing from one building to another. They are ideal for commercial locations such as factories, schools and other establishments where people need to move around from one building to another. They are especially useful in dusty areas and during the rainy season.
Our concrete path solutions come in a variety of different styles and colours to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. We use only the most durable mixes to ensure strength and durability. Our technicians are highly skilled and experience to ensure your project is on the highest possible quality.
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Colored Concrete

Colored concrete means exactly what the name suggests. A pigment is added to the concrete using any of several different methods. The result is an attractive and distinctive design that looks a lot better than the natural grey color of concrete. Some of the benefits of colored concrete include:

  • Adds durability.
  • Color consistency.
  • Enhanced design flexibility.
  • Fade resistance from the vagaries of the weather.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Depending on the colors used, there may be a reduction in lighting requirements.

Precision Concreters range of colored concrete solutions can add a whole new dimension to your project. Some of the suggested applications for colored concrete include:

  • Domestic homes on for driveways and patios
  • In architectural design to create a feature or sync with the natural surroundings.
  • Industrial flooring to demarcate safe working areas
  • Parking to delineate parking areas
  • Public buildings
  • Tramways to help people differentiate between the road and tramway
  • Walkways and cycle paths

If you would like to find out more about our coloured concrete solutions, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Are you looking for quality concrete contractors in Melbourne? Please give us a call
Are you looking for quality concrete contractors in Melbourne? Please give us a call